Recently, my family celebrated a wedding. It was a lovely occasion; a great reason to see so many faces again. It's always wonderful to celebrate love and feel the energy that happiness brings during such joyful moments in life. The smiles, the flowers, the words exchanged, well-dressed guests, great food and dancing all come together for a bonne fête!

Along with a surge in travel this year, we're also seeing a return to larger gatherings. Summertime is a popular season for large group events because more hours of sunshine and warm weather allows us to make use of larger, outdoor spaces.

Are you attending any events this month? Hosting or helping out? Planning gatherings can be as much fun as the festivity itself. Especially if you enjoy using your imagination and expressing your creativity. Also, after a long break, many of us are itching to plan something beautiful to share with others.

I love setting a table, and I know I'm not the only one. From picking out the table covering, napkins, flowers, dishes and stemware to adding personal touches, such as place cards or little decorative details on each plate, I feel so happy and alive throughout the process.

It's also so much fun to decorate a space. Whether inside or out, I enjoy using bunting and banners, and lighting candles. Sometimes I look at my Pinterest page for paper craft ideas on making tissue flowers or cutlery holders with small pieces of ribbon.

I love paper, so all the paper-oriented details delight me - invitations, albums, thank you cards. When I'm a guest, I take pleasure seeing beautiful script and calligraphy or the personal touch of someone's handwriting.

Many of these special details can be used for picnics, markets and fairs. 

They're just one of the aspects that make gatherings memorable. The most important part is the energy you bring to whatever you attend. Be your best self and really be there - take it in and pay attention. Feel the experience.


Weddings, concerts, tours, conferences, markets - all kinds of gatherings are going on. We wish you much joy in whatever you choose to participate in this summer.

August 16, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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