The travel bug - has it bit you?  It's bitten a lot of people this summer, and has me thinking about vacations.  I do love to travel.  Especially when there's a chance to experience a different culture, spend some time outdoors, and connect with nature.  I like to see old world architecture, museums and also hike and sail.  It's wonderful when a trip includes all these elements! 

We travel for many reasons: to relax and rejuvenate, to escape, and to explore.  When life gets stressful and overwhelming, a change of environment can be just the ticket!  

Happiness researchers say one of the elements of happiness is having something to look forward to.  When we prepare for a trip, it builds anticipation and excitement.  It's part of the pleasure in the vacation experience. 

So, too, can be recalling it afterward through our memories.  A travel journal, scrapbook and photos can transport us back to a joyful moment.  Sometimes even specific sounds and smells will, too. 

Wherever we go, travel has the potential to change us for the better.  It's an opportunity to learn about a new place, culture, and people.  What changed you for the better on trips you've taken?  What discoveries did you make? 

Sometimes the life-changing moments happen not at the destination, but en route.  In those in-between times.  I know many people who've met a new friend, or romantic or business partner while traveling by plane, train or boat.  You never know what new gift life will bring you!

This summer, more people are traveling than in the past two to three years.  We've noticed more people visiting our region, too.  There's a lot of movement.  We can hear and see more planes flying overhead. 




Have you been on a great trip this summer?  Do you want help capturing it on paper?  Let us know.  We've got many new notebooks, scrapbooks, albums and journals arriving at the shop this month.  More on that soon!

...and if you're about to take a journey: bon voyage!

August 09, 2022 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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