MD Lined Notebook B6 Slim

By Midori

This notebook has a minimalist aesthetic with thread stitched exposed cheesecloth binding that allows the notebook to lie completely flat when open.  There is also a built-in ribbon bookmark.  (Multiple MD notebooks of various rulings and sizes look beautiful next to one another with their exposed rainbow of ribbon colours along their spines.)

Each page in this compact notebook has 7mm spaced lines, making it perfect for writing, charts, list-making or using as an appointment book or diary.  There is a thick line at the centre, which allows you to create two sections per page, or four quadrants in a two page spread, since the notebook lies completely flat.  Inside is high quality, smooth, cream 80 gsm MD paper, which is feather and bleed-resistant, which makes it fountain-pen friendly.

It also comes with stickers that can be used to label and index pages.

176 pages (a page a day for approximately six months).  B6 Slim (6.8" x 4.3") size.  Made in Japan.