This time of year, when there are still some varieties of alliums in bloom, lavender, single-petal roses and other flowers that are popular with bees, I hear a soft buzzing sound when I'm outside. It delights me to discover a plump, fuzzy bumble bee tunnelling into a foxglove flower or searching plants for pollen. It can feel magical when a colourful butterfly arrives or an iridescent beetle or hummingbird. In the evening, moths and bats continue this important work of pollinating our fruiting trees, vines and other plants. Do you have a favourite pollinator that visits your garden?

This week is Pollinator Week, which runs from June 17th through to the 23rd. Its an annual celebration of pollinator health managed by Pollinator Partnership Canada. The organization's website is rich in helpful resources and information. There's even a guide for our region linked to the Reverie section below. It contains useful facts about our geographical area, the impact of climate and pesticides, and recommended plants to grow if you want to attract particular pollinators. Want hummingbirds? Plant harebells, trefoil, cardinal flower, great blue lobelia, wild bergamot and obedient plant, among others.

At the shop, I've noticed that many people have a fondness for pollinators, sometimes one in particular. I meet many butterfly buffs, hummingbird lovers and bee aficionados. It's easy to see why: in addition to the our dependency on these creatures for our food supply, their presence around us is reassuring, soothing and a pleasure to experience. Being with them in the moment is calming. Observing them is one of life's small joys. In form, colour, and pattern they're simply beautiful. Watching a butterfly gracefully float through the air and land upon a petal is a scene in nature's ballet.

While we hope you have ample time to spend with these delightful little creatures this summer, we're also happy to provide you with a selection of items created in their honour at the shop:


We hope you take a few moments this week to appreciate our pollinators and get inspired by nature. There is so much variety and abundance surrounding us, especially at this time of year.

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June 18, 2024 — Antoinette D'Angelo

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