Chekov said, put two people in a room and drama will happen. But what drives this binary force? Is it the voice and ghost of family and friends that ride our shoulders as we stride into the room? Is it the knowledge of experience mapped on our faces? Do the clothes of who we are project the self; accent it; clash with it? Does the lilt of our speech rasp, or harmonize? And what if you take away that second person, and delve into the internal conflict of self? Then, what if you take away the room. This is what war does to us. Yet we survive. We go on. We find life not in spite of death, not through death, nor because of death. We find life because it is the path to our end. And you can’t know it without knowing life. So, find life.

About the Author

Declared the "people's poet", Keith Inman has been writing since his twenties and has become an award—winning poet. Prizes he has won include those from Cranberry Tree (2007), The Bannister (2004), and Freefall (2004). His poetry has been featured in various literary publications such as Thistledown, Event, New Quarterly, CV2, PRECIPICe and robmclennansblogspot. Beyond writing, Inman has been involved in other literary pursuits like judging literary contests and editing. He has received 'Reserve' and 'Progress' grant—badges from the OAC, and one from Sigillate Press, for being one of three poets in the book 'Hanging on a Nail,'(2009). Inman is a member of the Canadian Authors Association, the League of Canadian Poets and the Ontario Poets Society. His newest book of poetry SEAsia was released by Black Moss Press in October 2017.