Dingbats* Earth Journal - Dotted Grid A5


Are you environmentally conscious?  If so, you'll love the Earth Collection of notebooks from Dingbats.  Each notebook's theme is an ecosystem in the world that is threatened by human activity: Glicine Arctic (grey), Sky Blue Great Barrier Reef (blue), Tangerine Serengeti (orange), and Lime Yasuni (yellow-green).  There's also a corresponding print on the inside cover of an infographic that provides information about the ecosystem for that specific notebook.

The Earth Collection is perfect for bullet journaling.  There are three index pages, two key pages, a future log, pre-numbered pages and dotted grid paper.  

The covers are hardback with a soft feel to the touch and a pearlescent finish.  There's also a pen holder, expandable pocket inside the back cover, two bookmarks and elastic closure built into each notebook.  

Each notebook lays flat, which lets you make use of the two page spread for drawing large diagrams, wide charts, tables, or whatever you imagine.  

The paper is coated (which makes it great for watercolours - no bleedthrough!), cream coloured, fountain pen-friendly, acid free, and FSC-certified.  Each page is 100gsm.

96 sheets (192 pages); 184 pages are numbered and non-perforated; 16 of these pages at the back of the notebook are micro-perforated.

Dotted grid paper inside (5mm space between dots).

A5 (6.3" x 8.5").  

Made in Lebanon.