Blackwing Volume 42 Limited Edition (Set of 12)

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Blackwing 42: The Jackie Robinson Tribute

Rosa Parks made history in 1955 for refusing to move to the back of a bus because of racist laws, but most people don’t realize that eleven years earlier, on July 6, 1944, 2nd Lieutenant Jack Roosevelt Robinson, also refused to move to the back of a bus.  Lieutenant Jack (Jackie) Robinson’s protest resulted in him receiving a court martial for “behaving with disrespect” and “willful disobedience of lawful command.”
Lieutenant Robinson stood his ground, met his accusers with honour and pride during his trial, and he was acquitted of all charges. Jackie Robinson left the army with an honourable discharge and decided to pursue his love of baseball by joining the Kansas City Monarchs.  Jack “Jackie” Robinson was soon tapped by the Brooklyn Dodgers, and his move to the major leagues continued breakdown barriers for black lives as his career progressed.
The Blackwing 42 pencil honours Jackie Robinson. It sports a balanced graphite, white barrel, blue imprint and eraser, road gray ferrule, and Jackie’s iconic red number 42. It’s a reminder that sports heroes throughout the ages have been a beacon of equality.