Wearingeul Becoming Witch - Mind Control Magic Glitter Potion 10 ml


Glitter Potion is a liquid with glitter for writing/drawing inks. One can
add Glitter Potion into a non-glistening ink and can have a unique
shimmering ink by one's own. By adding Glitter Potion only 10% of the
original ink volume, one can make creative inks. It can be applied to most
of non-glistening inks regardless of ink brands. 

How to use the Glitter Potion
Shake the potion gently so that the shimmerings don't sink.
Add the Glitter Potion. 1/10 the amount of the target ink, using a
dropper to the target ink,
Close the lid and shake it gently so that it mixes well.